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  • 26 X 20 RB SS
  • 20 X 15 RB SS
  • 20 X 15 RB SS
  • 24 X 20 RB SS
  • 24 X 20 RB SS
  • 24 X 20 RB Galvanized
  • 24 X 20 RB Galvanized
  • 24 X 20 RB Aluminum
  • 24 X 20 RB Aluminum
  • 26 X 20 RB SS with spooling bar
  • 28 X 20 RB SS with spooling bar

Anchor Winches Single Reduction (18,20,24,26,28,32 RB Series)

Product Description

 Single Reduction Anchor Winches (18,20,24,26,28,32 RB Series)



Dimensions 18 RB   20 RB  24 RB   26 RB   28 RB  

18-24 RB Flyer

26-28 RB Flyer

Single Reduction Anchor Winch Instructions

Instruction Manual

Valve SD 11

RE Motor Service

RE Motor Parts

These anchor winches are designed for large applications where strength cannot be compromised or dependability questioned. These come in either stainless steel or galvanized steel construction and oil bath chain drive give you lasting quality with little upkeep.

Ease of control is remarkable with the supplied valve in both power in and out positions as well as free wheel.

Our hand wheel brake assemble give the extra control you need for heavier anchor applications. The exceptional styling and strength will be a plus for any boat's dependability.

Key Features

  • Galvanized or Stainless Steel Construction
  • Oil Bath Chain Drive
  • Handwheel Brake Assembly
  • Supplied valve gives greater control in both the power-in and power-out positions, as well as freewheel and neutral