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24" Convertible Haulers

Product Description

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Our 24" longline hauler offers more than twice the line pull as compared to the 17".

24" Convertible Haulers
Many say that our 24" convertible hauler is the Cadillac in the industry. Convertible means that no matter how the vessel is configured, you can take our hauler apart, turn it left or right on any angle, up or down, and it will work. Generally, used for larger commercial fishing vessels. (Smaller vessels use the 17" convertible haulers.)

Our units are hot dipped galvanized finish. Sheaves are cast iron. Stainless steel or bronze Sheaves are available.

The design is simple and proven.
Customers that have used other haulers and now use ours, tell us that our
haulers work so well they wish they would have purchased ours in the first

Remember, quality does not have to mean more expensive.